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Hot off the press…

La Cruz, 
Costa Rica, 

Feb. 12, 2007.

Darina and Kurt,

having met in China,

started going out in Andorra,

commuted between Barcelona

and St Gallen, 

lived in Switzerland,

cycled Europe

and South America,

decided Costa Rica would be
as good a spot as any…
to tie the auld knot

The area around La Cruz on the Pacific coast, short before the Nicaraguan border, is a beautiful corner of Costa Rica that hasn’t been developed… yet!


There, a cute little beach, with spectacular sunsets and a few resident pelicans and parrots among the rocks and tamarind trees, provided the perfect backdrop to take the plunge.

Rajada Beach
Liam, Claire, Darina & Kurt

We were honoured when our good cycling friends Claire and Liam agreed to be our witnesses at the wedding ceremony.

If only, you knew!

Still young, free and single!

Claire organized Bob and Kirsten to be our chauffeur and wedding cake creator respectively, and as we rocked down to the beach we were entertained by the hilarious account of how Kirsten had to hitch a ride to their own wedding ceremony 23 years ago!
Liam, Claire, Kirsten, Bob and Kurt

As the sun set on the Pacific Ocean, we exchanged coconut shell rings and Marlon, our celebrant, pronounced us man and wife.

The ceremony
Marlon, our celebrant
Sí, acepto (I do)
You may kiss the bride!

The night’s festivities continued at the local restaurant where we enjoyed ceviche and red snapper for dinner. Kirsten’s delicious carrot cake was a hit with everyone present and went down very well with our landlady, Esther’s Italian champagne.

Local red snapper
Kirsten's carrot cake
Van Morrison vibes

After hitting the dance floor, we strolled home along the phosphorescentlit beach and under a perfect starlit sky to … the beginning of the rest of our lives!

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