Gone Bike About

Heidelberg – Eberbach – Heilbronn – Ludwigsburg – Stuttgart – Tübingen – Rottweil – Donaueschingen (355km)

It was time to surprise Kurt again, so Darina told him to pack for a week of good weather and bring his bike along! He only realised what the plan was, after a train-ferry-train combo, when we jumped out in Heidelberg.

Kurt wondering about the destination

The old bridge, Heidelberg Mark Twain referred to Heidelberg as “the perfect city” – not too big and not too small. Saved from WW ll bombings because of an American general’s love of the place, Heidelberg boasts many magnificent buildings dating back centuries. Actually, it’s so well-kept, it’s almost like exploring a doll’s house!
Town hall, Heidelberg

River Neckar, Heidelberg

Darina’s surprise plan was to cycle the Neckar valley up river. Vineyards, castles and picture-postcard  towns were what sold this bike route. The weather forecast also happened to be in our favour!

Signposted all the way!

Pfannkuchen, rollmops and Maultaschen – Mmmmmn!

Rollin’, rollin’ rollin’…




One of three nuclear power plants en route

Loads of vineyards

… and wildlife





Well-signposted route Well, the surprise trip was a hit with both of us. Gems such as Tübingen and Heidelberg are well worth the visit, and the Neckar valley bike route manages to connect all the cutesy places in between in a very doable, laid-back, pleasant cycle. A big thumbs up!!