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Tribute to fellow cyclist, Juan Andrés

Juan Andrés Reyes Sotomayor, a talented young architect graduate from Bogotá was on a South American bicycle trip from southern Argentina back home. We crossed paths in Chile and enjoyed his company on our first 3000m pass between Santiago, Chile and Mendoza, Argentina. He climbed the Andes as if they were hills, while we panted and puffed to the top.

We were in constant contact with Juan Andrés and met up again in La Paz. With hopes of cycling another stretch with him, we were deeply shocked and saddened to receive the tragic news from his mother that Juan Andrés died of peritonitis on Oct. 27 near the Peruvian/Ecuadorian border. Hard as it is for us, and the whole cycling community, to believe, we shall remember Juan Andrés as a cheerful, optimistic, youthful and popular guy fulfilling his dream to explore his continent first hand.

We dedicate our coming months on the bike to our good friend, Juan Andrés.
Juan Andrés on the Andes
Cristo Redentor Pass, 3185masl

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