Gone Bike About

Lucerne – Kerns – Sarnersee – Glaubenbilen Pass (1,611masl) – Sörenberg – Habkern – Interlaken  – Thun  

(125 km)

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When planning this trip, the Komoot app warned us that it wasn’t going to be a piece of cake: Expert bike ride. Very good fitness required. Some portions of the tour may require you to push your bike.

The famous Chapel Bridge, Lucerne
Lake Lucerne

Well, we did have to push the bikes on day one – on and off the train to Lucerne! Tailwind-assisted cycling along the lake was far from strenuous.

Farmhouse accommodation in the barn

This Schlaf im Stroh (sleep in straw) is a pleasant and, by Swiss standards, an economical and novel way of spending the night. 

If you want to decorate the house with geraniums, you need patience, whereas dwarfs provide colour year round.

Typical house near Sarnersee
About 1,000 gnomes guard this farmhouse

This is where the fun starts: 1,100 altitude meters in 12 kms. It is a bit of a slog, but impressive views make it all worthwhile. 

View down to Sarnersee from the Glaubenbielen panorama route
Another one for the collection!
And the downhill!

On day three, the fun continued! We followed the national mountain bike route number 2, known as panoramic bike. This was where Kamoot had the inside information… but played it down a little. Pushing the bikes was not enough on one 2km incline; we had to carry them! On a positive note, the route was free of the brumbrum of motorbikes and sports cars …if the word sport is allowed here!

We were warned!
... but rewarded with a fabulous panoramic picnic spot!

We got drenched on the way down to Lake Thun, but the next day was glorious as we followed the lake shore into Thun town.

Spiez town on Lake Thun
Bike lane along Lake Thun
Surfing on the R. Aare in Thun town

We enjoyed a picnic with curious onlookers on the lake shore in Thun town, before pushing our bikes, yet again, onto the train back to St Gallen! As far as pushing goes, we would be prepared to push again if the rewards were on a par with this trip!