Gone Bike About...



Amsterdam –
Rotterdam (The Netherlands) – Bruges (Belgium) – Dunkirk (France) …ferry
… Dover – Canterbury – London (England)   



It was supposed to be a surprise weekend in London to see Ireland’s great Christy Moore in concert. However, Kurt found out and improved on the idea by suggesting we cycle there… from Amsterdam!

The overnight train from Zürich 
(City Night Line) fitted the bill and we arrived to glorious 
sunshine in what has to be the one of the most bike-friendly cities in 
Europe. Well, that is if you have your wits about you and don’t obstruct 
the bike lanes for the impatient local cyclists.

Room for 6 to sleep




A break along the River Amstel

Lovely quiet bike paths


Neat thatched house with straw bales for walls


Rotterdam train station

Rotterdam was well worth 
the stop with an amazingly impressive harbour and modern architecture to 
compete with the best.

architecture in Rotterdam

Cube houses designed by Piet Blom

Of course, being 
the largest harbour in Europe, containers offered a very colourful 
panorama, with the odd windmill thrown in for good measure! Folding, 
lifting, tilting and whatever else bridges in the Netherlands do allowed 
for numerous tea breaks en route.

Container landscape



Tea time!


The bike 
lanes/routes didn’t disappoint, and brought us through a real 
cross-section of the countryside and up on the famous dams. The only 
thing was the wind. We were headed in the wrong direction!


A windy experience on the dam

Darina continued 
to deliver on the surprise element guiding Kurt to pre-booked 
accommodation along the way. It was our first time trying out the
site and 
we had some beautiful overnight stays, including a converted barn in

Converted barn in Vrouwenpolder


Ecological trail
In Belgium, an ecological trail 
means you have to share it with sheep! Bruges was another 
fabulous stop, made all the more special by our Airbnb host Maël who 
brought us on a very enjoyable and informative walking tour of the city.

Arriving in Bruges

Maël, our Airbnb host



Downtown Bruges
Our cycle in 
France was short and sweet as we took the ferry from Dunkirk to Dover
affording us absolutely fabulous views of the famous white cliffs. Kent 
countryside was a welcome contrast to the flat, monotonous terrain on 
the continent and the local cyclists were all up for a chat!

Dunkirk, France


Dover – Canterbury – London

The white 
cliffs of Dover, England


First sign we encountered 





The Sun Hotel, built in 1503
The Sun Hotel in Canterbury
a favourite of Charles Dickens in the good old days, was a great place 
to rest our weary bones. Overlooking the magnificent cathedral where 
archbishop, Thomas Beckett was murdered in 1170, the hotel is a 
prominent fixture on the Canterbury ghost tour. Judging by the 
enthusiastic tourists’ calls and their flashlight direction, it seems we 
were keeping the ghost company that night!

The Old Weaver’s restaurant

Canterbury cathedral


Traditional British fare


Bicycle paths were on very quiet 
roads, or trails with cumbersome barriers to keep traffic out.

Well sign-posted trails


Cyclists only


Leeds castle, 
Maidstone area


Christy in the Royal Festival Hall
We arrived in the nick of time 
to jump in the shower, meet Katie for a curry and enjoy a brilliant 
night with Christy. And Kurt didn’t forget his socks ‘n shoes ‘n 
shirt ‘n tie ‘n all!
Then there was a little time to 
enjoy the sights and variety that a big city like London can offer, 
before surprising Kurt one last time with tickets for Billy Elliot, the 

London Pride


English breakfast (without beans!)

Dim Sums in Bayswater


One last surprise!

The London Eye & River Thames

Buckingham Palace


Converted church accommodation
Our accommodation in a beautiful 
modern apartment was another Airbnb contact – this time in a converted 
church near London City Airport, making our departure stress-free.

We were mega impressed with the 
bike routes through London itself. Google maps have the lot! On the 
continent the cities were what made the trip. In England, it was the 
Kent countryside… and, of course, our good man Chrishty!

As I sat lookin’ up at the 
Guinness ad, I could never figure out how yer man stayed up on the surf board after 14 pints of stout!

The Docklands